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Almost my first Camaro

I'm leaving the story just incase anyone missed it, but this didn't work out. So the title was changed. :bangdesk:

For the past four to five months I've been driving a 2001 convertible Audi TT (red). Initially I didn't want the car, but I was getting the car for free, so I sold my X-Type (paid off my dad's suburban) and took the TT. The car screams woman, and I'm a 19 year old guy - it's been murder. The dates that I've had have all insisted I drive their car instead. Today, a VW Bug was stalled in our college parking lot, I gave her a jump and she thanked me by saying "hey, your car is almost as cute as mine!"

if my ego were a horse

BUT!!! Today I hit up craigslist and did a little searching. Sure enough I found a BEAUTIFUL!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 1999 Z28 6 speed with T-Tops and a gorgeous grill!!! Exhaust is done up and the sound system is put in. Now I'm sure this car has taken it's beating and has had some abusive owner in the past, but I'm willing to look past it. The front end has a little scratch in it (someone probably backed into it) but it's a nice silver the whole way down.

Anyways I've gotta go clean out my trash can of a car - I'm gonna have a Camaro tommororw

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