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Well the problem with the TT is there is a leak, so my passenger side floor is completely soaked and leaves a horrible odor. The battery is dying, and the car thinks I stole it, so the radio is locked down to do nothing more than read "safe". I got the approval this morning to do with it what I please from the old man and I worked my magic. Filled him in over the phone and all was good until he got home tonight.

He brought the KBB reports and my TT trade in value is around 10k. The 1999 Camaro trades at 6k. Running the numbers it doesn't make for good towards the 5th gen.

So I'll be selling the TT and buying another beater. In the meantime I'll either save the cash or invest it, but chances are I'm going to use most of it in the repairs I'd have to make on the bucket I'll be driving.

I'm not happy right now considering I won't have a Camaro tommorrow, but I'll be happier later when my downpayment works to lower my monthly payments on the 5th gen.

I just wish he had waited until tommorrow to kick me in the nuts - I've no desire to sleep and I find myself sitting in the same sh!t smelling, no music playing, and ever feminin TT...


I'm gonna go slit my wrists.
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