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It's really tough to determine gains without a pre install dyno run on the same dyno you did post install. But those are numbers you would expect which is great.

Here's an audio with similiar set up but pfadt headers, intake, tune. No ported tb

I did have a baseline done stock and after install of headers, cai (no scoop) and tune. the performance gain from pfadt headers, cai intake and tune was 43 rwhp. The stock baseline was done right before install, and the post install dyno was done same day immediately after install. Obviously on the same dyno...a Autodyn 30 Dynamometer. Just was a 43 rwhp without air

Basically it was 43 rwhp. But I think it's fairer to say 38 rwhp.

I say this because we did 2 passes pre installs and the 4 passes post install. Apples to apples the second post dyno run showed a pick up of 38rwhp when compared to the second pre dyno run.

The gains continued to increase on the post install runs until the 4th and fifth pull which it then leveled out and became consistent at 43 rwhp gain when compared to the highest pre install run (second and last pre install pull)

I have the data points but am having issues plotting them because the software is giving me some issues

I've dynod as low as 376 and as high as 422 with this current setup, just shows how much these dynos vary
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