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Originally Posted by formare View Post
Same question to you:
What would your opinion be if GM released a special limited edition yellow camaro in 2010 (along with all the other yellow camaros but with the above mentioned options, yellow stitching, etc..)
They could release a Special Edition Black Camaro too and it wouldn't make much difference to me. Make the stitching black, the seats, the lights, drop a disco ball from the ceiling I could care less. It wouldn't detract from me having a black car, but it would give someone buying the Super Special Limited Edition something unique in that they get little things I don't have. Same applies to Synergy or any other color. Have a Limited Edition that has small extras, but offer the exterior color to anyone for any trim.

I guess I fail to see the issue here. The new Synergy cars aren't the same and wont be. The only similarity is the outside color. Which again, everyone looks at it as green. You could go to an aftermarket paint manufacturer and supply him with a sample and they could make Synergy. But what they're not doing is adding panels, lights, and stitching inside.

Originally Posted by formare View Post
Maybe I'm splitting hairs. But the B2E package was the bundle that included the synergy paint color. The paint made it "special".

In the above transformer example the synergy color and the transformer logo are the unique items that make the package special.
The options made it special, not the color.

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