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Originally Posted by chadrcr View Post

wow, some people just like to be mad and complain dont they???
a 9500 plus post moderator that is respected by all on Camaro5, who is always calming down the 'sky is falling' doom and gloom posters.....
or a 19 post doom and gloom poster....
maybe heavy right foot would do well to calm down and try to be objective, read both sides again.... and then maybe 'we all can get along'
"19 post doom and gloom poster" ... sorry didnt knew I had to reach a certain number of post to have permission to be pissed when the company selling me the car fails for a second time to deliver.

Now I'm sure we all can get along. Indeed I have absolutely nothing against Dragoneye nor against you for that matter. Even if my opinion differs from Dragoneye's own I'll respect him for speaking he's mind.

I indeed had read both sides and thought a couple things had to be mentioned. I'm sure everyone will be able to forge it's own opinion too.

Now I'll stop voicing my point of view on these matters replying to this thread since it's seems it's stirring more discomfort than anything else.

Until the next delay,


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