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Originally Posted by Genob4c View Post
I was just concerned about driving on dry, but cold 30-40 degree days, and also, not having a warm place for them when it's -10 to + 20 which it will be in Jan and Feb. All season tires can just stay on the car, in the cold barn all year round.

That's up to you, but you're going to sacrifice the handling and grip of the OE tire for the remainder of the year where it's not cold enough to need an A/S tire. It's your car and do what you want, I just think that putting an A/S tire on permanently is a waste of a car in your scenario. Personally, if I had the means/space that you do, I'd just have a cold weather set of wheels/tires so I could actually enjoy the car most of the year on the proper tire.

I just don't want to see you put a "meh" tire on the car and not get full enjoyment of the car in the warm weather is all..
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