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I plastidip’d my chome trim on my previous car I did not sand it. It was on there for 9 years. No touchups or anything. It didn’t fade or peel. It may have shrunk just a tad. It’s very forgiving to apply. I didn’t apply it to wheels but given the abuse rims take if I were to do it I would research using plastidip. Paint is all about prep that’s the first hurdle. The second would be the clear coat. You need a 2k clear so the clear is as strong as it’s going to get via rattle can. Anything less than 2k wont last long. At some point, you WILL have touch up the rims again. No doubt about that. PlastiDip is a wash, mask and reapply. No sanding, no primer, etc. just spray over the old stuff. Don’t like it or mess up, just peel it off. Use a rag with goo off for what’s left. Your rims are exactly how they were before you started. Do your research. Once you scuff up your rims, there’s no going back. My car was a daily driver with 120k before I traded it in for my camaro.
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