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Originally Posted by flyer08 View Post
Well good luck, lovin the spoiler i got from you....only if i was closer id pick this up
Excellent!! I was happy you got it and it arrived safe . Thanks a ton! I hope this sells soon to a good home. I put a lot of money and time into it, and someone is going to luck out. The current price seems like a lot, but with what was done, it is very reasonable, and I hope people see that.

Originally Posted by LiquidDragon View Post
holy cow that is a nice looking bumper GLWS
Thanks so much!!

Originally Posted by mjclemm View Post
WOW... That's the sweetest front bumper cover I've seen to date.. Wish I had the extra cash for it.... I'd snap that up in a heart beat..... If ever you want to donate it to a needy person, I Am your man.... Lol..I'll even throw in a real nice tin of Christmas
Ha-ha . Thanks a ton! I really appreciate it. Cookies are delicious .

Originally Posted by skipinminn View Post
:( if it was only rally yellow :9
Ha-ha, I know right . That always happened to me when I saw a for sale thread, as I would open the thread, and it wasn't the color I needed for my car.

Originally Posted by CamaroRBT View Post
Tcat u sold ur car?????? Id buy this if i had the cash. Very nice bumper and the right color too ;-)
Ha-ha, yeah I did. It was rough to let go, let me tell you. It was a smart move to further a new career venture though, and I had to do what i had to do. Thanks a ton man!! Let me know if you can get the cash, and it's all yours if it doesn't sell to someone else before then. It would definitely look great on your already amazing ride!
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