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Originally Posted by litle88 View Post
What are your goals? Are you chasing a number? Track times? Street creed?
More importantly what is your budget?

Putting down 520 or anything in that area your gonna need a few other upgrades as well. You'll need a clutch, half shafts, a diff eventually lol or one good romp and those tires hooking and something will let go.

You pick a cam according to the parts you have chosen especially the heads. The heads is where your power will be made. But first you need to set your goals.
I'm just interested in what it would take to get a fast, fun mountain car, that is drivable every day, 600-700bhp is probably good.
I'm thinking around 8-9K for the engine mods.
I've looked into clutches already, I was interested by the SPEC stage 2, or 2+ one, are those any good?
Could you link me to some good half shafts? I'm kinda clueless to some of the details :P
Okay cool Thanks Helpful people FTW!

Also, does an aluminium flywheel make the engine rev faster? Or is that just non-sense?
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