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So here are a few pics and descriptions of some of the items being built for me and installed into the car. The beast gets a bit more beastly. Say hello to my little friend...

GM LS7 aluminum block
427-CID displacement
4.000 SLP/Manley 4340 forged steel crankshaft, balanced to rotating assembly
4.125" SLP/Manley 2618 forged alloy pistons
6.125" SLP/Manley 4340 forged steel H-beam rods
SLP 427 Camaro Supercharger (w/custom pulley set to produce 10 psi of boost)
SLP 51018 Camshaft .654/.658-inch lift 214/230 duration @ 0.50 120 LSA
SLP/LS3 Cylinder Heads
SLP 1.85 Rockers
SLP Double Row Timing Chain Set
SLP Boost-A-Pump
SLP 85 lbs/hr Injectors
SLP 160 Thermostat
SLP Custom Tune
SLP 55001 Heavy-Duty Oil Pump
New GM Lifters and Lifter Guides
Hardened Pushrods
ARP Cylinder head studs
MLS Head Gaskets
10.82:1 compression ratio (nominal)
58 Tooth reluctor wheel
ZR1 Plugs
ZR1 Map Sensor


I am also throwing on some heavy duty half shafts and a new driveshaft.

New Clutch

And BMR Pro Set Bushings are going to be thrown on to marry up the rest of the BMR suspension installed.

There are also SLP LTs and Magnaflow mid pipes installed. Once this is all put together and custom dyno tuned we should be hitting some good HP/TQ numbers. I can't wait to here the rumble of the cam and the new insane exhaust tone. We are also trying to figure out the best ratio for the cog drive on this setup to keep boost happy and hearing that blower whine!
My Build Journal

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