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Also the car is going to be completely overhauled and I'm parting with IOM and welcoming Hugger Orange. Alternative Auto Tech does an incredible job at their huge facility in MI. Check out their site altautotech(dot)com. They will be using PPG paint and applying around 5-6 layers of base, adding the painted stripes, and then 6 or so layers of clear. Not only is it durable high quality paint, but lots of it. I wish it came from the factory this way. Also it will be great having the stripes buried in the clear.

They are also doing a handful of other custom work to the car to get it done just right.

Now I understand I'm changing a great thing that doesn't need to be changed. There are several factors that went into my decision and I think once I post pics after its complete you'll see why I went this route.

The ride is being picked up Thursday and will be at their facility for a while, probably 5-6 weeks. I've asked if pics can be taken a long the way for the purpose of this thread and they agreed to it. So stay tuned...
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