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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
Flash, go to this thread:

and you will see a link to a PDF that indicates the transmission gearing difference in the 1LE transmission vs. the SS transmission.

I checked the thread you indicated.

Very interesting information. I found the following :

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So it seems that GM indeed offers a different transmission in the CAMARO 1LE

A revised new set of gears in the transmission plus a reduced final drive ratio and all the other minor mods (elimination of hydro pump, reduced unsprung weight, better suspension which aids instantaneous weight transfer and better grip from the tires) can beef up the car sufficiently to achieve the three seconds margin over an equally engined SS which concerned me.

Your observation about this being a "track designed" transmission is also duly noted.
While it might yield quicker times than an SS, it will probably gives up a lot in top speed, which the CAMARO achieves in fifth gear.

I will like to watch the video to which you refer. In drag racing that required extra shift is sure a boomer.

In a bike is not an issue as you race using clutchless shifting technique, but in a car under the stress and excitement of competition it will be easy to botch the upshift and ruin your run.

I think your input is right on the money on this subject, therefore kuddos to you.

Please post the link or URL to the video when you have the chance.

Best regards,

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