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MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter

MTI Racing is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our Six Shooter Shifter, the best shifter for your 5th Gen Camaro. It is the most precise and smooth shifter you can put in your Camaro. By installing the MTI Racing Six Shooter Shifter you get an ultra precise roller bearing, delrin bushings, super strong stainless steel shaft, and a high-durometer silicone to dampen noise and vibration. The MTI Racing shifter is engineered with the factory offset to put the shifter in the perfect position for high performance driving. For a factory look the shifter will accept the stock shift knod as well as threaded aftermarket shift knobs. The Six Shooter Shifter is available for the V8 and V6 Camaro.

This shows the offset of the 2010-2011 Camaro shifter to bring the shifter closer to the driver. Since the shifter is low in the car there is an offset to bring the shaft closer to the driver.

This is where the shifter arm on the transmission connects with the shifter handle. No metal sleeve or rubber bushing here, only a high quality roller bearing will do to keep things smooth and precise.

This high durometer silicone will help dampen noise and vibration from the transmission.

This is the installation kit for the Six Shooter Shifter. Delrin bushings, stainless steel bearing liners, lower pivot pin, lower pivot pin spacer, and yellow plastic washer. This kit makes for very smooth shifting action.

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