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Originally Posted by B-_-RAD View Post
Hmmmm, is it just in your nature to come off as a prick in 99% of your posts? Yes, that is what I am referencing, especially as we are in a 1le track pack forum where most vehicles including mine may see track time. I'm done on the subject. You should re-evaluate some of the things you say to people, especially when you have no idea whom to, or what you are talking about.
Then you should also know that the warranty wouldn't cover it anyways so the whole factless argument you've tried to create and can't back up to maintain a warranty that wouldn't cover the issue...?

Sorry you don't like information. If pointing out something you don't seem to understand is considered an attack then maybe you should do some research first like you suggested to me. What are the 2 data elements for a YAW sensor to get a reading? Now which one of those is NEVER present in a hill start situation. So the sensor that is present for HSA isn't a yaw sensor and is merely incline detection. Since you chose to not listen to my example of towing a car maybe that will help you understand.

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