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Here's one they can use to appeal to a different demographic.

A bunch of obviously bored students are sitting in a class (ESL for the Hispanic/Asian demographic, High School for the teen demographic, or college for the 18-30 demographic). A really boring instructor (think Ben Stein) is holding up objects and identifying them. He holds up a Camera and says in a dull voice "Camera", some goofy actor, like Carrot Top or something, walks in looking really corny, "Cameo". The students are still looking really bored, and the teacher looks like he's boring himself.

Suddenly one student looks up like he hears something interesting. The sound of the Camaro racing starts to fade in like it's getting closer. As it gets louder, more and more of the students start to perk up. The Camaro comes crashing through the wall (hitting Carrot Top), obviously undamaged, and everyone gets all excited.

...Then the teacher turns into the red Kool-Aid guy, says "Oh Yeah!" and drives away in the car.

No, just kidding, I don't know how to end it. Now that I think about it, it kind of sounds like something out of the 80's. Let's just forget about this one.
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