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Since GM has rights to the old commercial w/ the TA eating the (what kind of car was that at the light???...a porche?) at the stoplight, why not elaborate on that? I don't know if ya'll will remember it, but there's a porsche or something sitting at a stoplight, a black TA pulls up behind (it's night and the streets are wet. It's at a 4 way intersection in town at a red light). The TA revs it's engine a couple of times and next thing you see, the light turns green. The TA is long gone and the car in front is in peices.

Elaborate on that with the Camaro. But, this time, show an extra angle. Show the Camaro sitting on the side street. Have the camara at the front right quarter panel (only viewing the quarter panel) with the other car and TA behind it at an angle. Show what happens at the light from this angle. Then, as the TA rips through the car (or eats it), have the Camaro start up, revs its engine, take off (camera stays in place), Camaro passes in front of the camera as it zooms out, and the Camaro makes a right turn peeling out after the TA. *insert slogan here*.
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