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Ideas for the Camaro Comercial

I was thinking about how GM will advertise the new Camaro and I had a couple ideas:
1: A full moon looms over an old farm. Inside the horses are relaxed and content. They look at the door and start to become distressed. The barn door opens and all you hear is the roar of a (hopefully LS powered) Camaro. The horses go into complete panic whining and kicking. The words come up "The all new Camaro-The legend is returns"
2: A new Mustang sits alone at a stop light on a dark night with a male driver and a female passenger. The windows are up but you can see that they are talking. A new Camaro pulls up next to them with the V-8 rumbling. The girl smiles at the Camaro driver just as the light turns green and the Camaro smokes the tires and leaves the Mustang sitting there. The words come up, "Camaro...The orignal heartbeat".
This was just a couple of ideas that I had. I'd love to hear what you thik and your ideas.
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