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I had an idea where they start out with Van Halen's Right Now playing and something along the lines of "In 1967 a legend was born."

Then in black and white show someone in a trench coat opening a slightly out of focus car door, and getting in, but not really letting you see the car yet.

Then on the first bom thingy, the door closes.

Second it cuts to the front of the car, and the lights turn on, overexposing the shot and preventing you from seeing what the car is.

Third they drop down and show a wheel.

Fourth the convertible top clicks down (you know, that last inch)

Fifth you're in the car and the driver lowers the steering wheel.

Sixth the engine starts.

Then when it picks up a sexy launch (and it turns to the motion blurred color, like in the images they have on, and the music fades out and a guy with a creepy voice goes with that whole "When you're really good in a past life, you come back as yourself" bit, but "Coming 2009" shoes on an all black screen while he's saying everything before the comma. Everything after it you just see "Camaro" and the symbol on the screen.

Yeah, I know, I have too much time on my hands.
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