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Day 10: The Last Stand.

Driving to Hanger 53 for the last time I reflected on the trip. That is, I tried to reflect, until I realized it was one big blur. Instead I focused on the McDonaldís breakfast in my hand.

I grabbed Mike and we started on finishing the Boss 429. Ryan had left the original paint in near perfect condition with only some high lights of water spots remaining on the hood and light RIDS scattered about. I immediately began polishing with Menzerna SIP, finishing the driverís side, using a Hi-Gloss Flat 6.5 inch White Polishing pad.

Mike went work by hand, polishing the numerous vents, scopes, around the door hands, and C-pillar emblems. He used custom orange and white polishing foams and Meguiarís M105/M205.

After an hour of polishing I switched to Menzerna PO106fa Super Finish and a Black Finessing pad, jewelling each square inch of the vintage enamel by to a very high gloss.

The battle worn on, but the tides had shifted, and the end was insight. I wish Ryan was there to see it.

One piece left: The damn hood scope.

Two passes of SIP and a wool pad, followed by SIP and a white pad had the fiberglass Boss scope looking new.

I finished polishing the final piece, grabbed a towel, and it was gone, along with Mike. Where did they go? After searching for hours and finally noticing the scoop was on the hood, I invest aged. Mike popped out like a Jack-in-the-Box and I nearly fainted. Instead I just happened to have my camera at that very moment and snapped a picture.

Actually we staged this shot, but I like the lead-in better.

Mike went about applying Blackfire Wet Diamond to the car while I finished by final project next door.

The Fiat Super Sonic by Ghia.

I actually did a complete polish on this car two years ago, but some wipe downs had left behind light marring.

This is probably one of the more valuable and best looking cars in the entire collection, complete with the fabulous 8V Fiat Engine (the same as the SIATA). You can describe how beautiful the body is on this car, and pictures donít do it justice. It has to be seen to be appreciated, but you might never leave. (Note: After 10 days and as much as I love the car, I still was ready to leave).

Two passes of Menzerna PO106fa Super Finish on a 7.5 Inch, Hi-Gloss CCS Black Finessing Pad and hand applied Blackfire Wet Diamond finished by trip.

Wet Diamond curing.

The results.

Mike was done with the Bossy Boss 429.

Now the Mustang is ready for the vintage 429 to be reinstalled.

As I prepared to leave for the last time this trip I took a couple of pictures of the Sutton KK then flipped out the lights for the last time.

As I boarded Air Wolfe for my return flight back home, I feel asleep dreaming of the bucket of padís I didnít wash, sitting in Hanger 53.

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