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Originally Posted by CJ1034 View Post
GM is going to have to price it high to keep too many people from buying it. If they sell like hotcakes at a pancake breakfast their CAFE will be skewed so badly everything else they sell will have to be called a Volt. Also, wait until the dealers gouge, ZL1's were sometimes priced 10K over sticker, watch for 20k over on this car. With 2014 being the last year for 5th Gen cars, the 2014 Z/28 will be a collector car for sure. Don't look too hard for them at tracks, unless someone has a track in their garage under the cover where the car is stored, waiting to cash in at Barrett Jackson in 10-20 years.
OK well after all the bitching I have done and reading and continued depression and disappointment, I have come to this same conclusion. So many wanted the LS7 in the car and the MPG's I would guess are going to be worse than the ZL1. If it was priced for any Joe Blow to purchase, since me included would love to, and many more would buy it just for the badge, GM's CAFE rating's would suffer tremendously. So all in all, the car is built to please a select few and the hallowed name is back so it may bring butt's to the dealerships, but I am saddened, jealous, disappointed and angry that I have saved, waited and waited and saved and I won't be able to get within a "tensa-Barriers" length to seeing one much less owning one in real life. Truly sad.
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