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Originally Posted by TTown View Post
I'm in the same boat as well. Probably the most discussed comparison. But never any solid conclusion is reached.

Apparently (from what Ive read)the V1 can detect radar at longer ranges than the 9500. It can also detect QuickTrigger a LOT better than the 9500 (a lot of cops use this method).

The 9500 on the other hand has built in GPS, so it eliminates false alerts and stores them. It has voice. And is blue! It cant detect quick trigger as well as the v1 (most of the time it doesnt even detect it), and detects not as far as the v1.

Both units dont have laser protection, but I think they both have laser detection. So if you hear that going off a lot, time to invest in a laser jammer (if its legal in your state).

All in all, V1=better detection, longer range, but more false alerts and older looking
9500: good detection, not as great as the v1, cant detect QT as well, less false alerts, newer looking, voice.

V1=better detection
9500=Ease of Use, Convenience

That sound about right?
Sounds about right. The Escort definately looks better but I''m not going for looks. I know you're pretty much screwed by laser unless you're willing to pay $1500+ and I'm not... at least now. I just know an Orange vert is going to draw a bit more attention than my Black Acadia so I want to be prepared and have a little help.

In the end I don't think I can go wrong with either for what I'm interested in. I know my Cobra isn't up for the challenge and I don't even really bother using it anymore.

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