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Originally Posted by f5journal View Post
I enjoyed these photos alot..thanks
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback....

Originally Posted by bkscott View Post
My condolences to you and your family. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.
Thanks and you're welcome!

Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I cant think a better car to take on a trip like this. Finishing it off with a Texas sunset is the way to do it.
To bad you didnt go to Caddilac ranch in amarillo.

Again very sorry to hear for your loss.
Thanks as well. We went by the Caddy Ranch but it was pitch dark and the girls were crashed out pretty good. We saved it for the next trip!

Originally Posted by LittleMT View Post
nice images, and what a road trip....

why do you have a check engine light?
CEL was going on and off all trip....musta been that sweet 93 Octane nectar I got to put in her. Since NM has the crappiest 90 octane I've ever experienced.

I was switching between tunes on the way down.....interesting to see how the car drives under different conditions and tunes.

Originally Posted by 1Camaro2SS View Post
Awesome pics and sorry to hear about your loved ones.

The photo of your girls enjoying ice cream in your camaro was my favorite. My boys and girls would do the same thing.
My fav too. They were awesome on the trip. My youngest would change spark plugs on an LT1 for Ice Cream. She loves it.

Originally Posted by RAYSRT8 View Post
Sorry for your loss!! Thanks for sharing the great shots.
Absolutely.....there are a bunch more if y'all want me to post em.
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