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Originally Posted by newagemuscle View Post
As the title says, I took my car to the track finally to see what she would do. I was somewhat happy but felt I could have done better if I had more time. I only got to make two passes. My first was a 12.20 @ 118 and my second was a 12.03 @ 119. It was an 80 degree day and I drove the car for two hours to get to the track and never let it cool down. It was on a week day after work so I got there late. I was running on the stock tires and my best 60ft was 2.00. I know I could have done better but I just did not have the time to stick around. I was not spinning the tires… problem was it was hooking so good my car was bogging. I only launched it at 1300rpms which almost felt like I was coming out of the hole at idle. I was playing safe because I thought I would spin the tire. I hope to get back on a cooler day and let it sit for a while before making a pass. I am also going to be picking up some Nitto 555r’s so I can launch even harder.

Here was my first run.
You don't want to leave any higher than about 1000-1100 rpm. With the steep first gear all you will do is spin the tires. You also need to cool the car down. Not only will you loose performance but without a trans cooler you will cook it.
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