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Originally Posted by Gigachip View Post
Canada is in America
WOOO! "Made in Canada" just means it's better built. Our boys & girls in Oshawa are da bomb diggity!
Originally Posted by PQ View Post
I like him.
Me too.

Originally Posted by KungFuHamster View Post
a 1968 Camaro SS is "obsolete"? put the crack pipe down!!
1st Gens alllllmost rule. Next to my 2010, a '67 is my next purchase.

Originally Posted by NicksVSix View Post
Your Camaro could probably dust his in a race... Regardless....exactly why is he sending you abusive emails?...we need some background here!
This was the first question to cross my mind.

Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
What did you do to piss him off.
Aaand this was the second question to cross my mind. We're missing some info, here.

Originally Posted by NicksVSix View Post
Gotta agree with KungFuhamster here.... I'd kill for a 1st gen Camaro.....doesn't mean I don't love my 5th gen, but 1st gen is the ultimate.
I hear ya!!
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