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Remember too, there are aftermarket LSX blocks that will let you go 480-500 cube's and retain most of the bolt on LS based accessories on the car...

We did a 8.0L in a C6Z06 a few summers ago for a road racer in Canada.

The base line was of a stock 427 LS7 Z06, compared to our 8.0L build for the car. The engine was actually quite drivable and could have been used as a street car given the torque curve. Given this was done with the stock LS7 intake and throttle body (before the FAST LS7 intake was finished) I can only imagine 720 + rwhp HP would not be any issue at all with the car today.

The car was a handful even with slicks on it, we had to have guys on the car and straps to keep the tires from spinning on the dyno..
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