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MTI Racing F-Body Supercharger Install

Check out this awesome 2001 convertible F-Body Camaro. This Camaro comes to us from Canada for an MTI Racing F-Body supercharger, camshaft, Stainless Works Header system and some routine maintenance.

The supercharger kit is based on the Magnuson MP112 supercharger with 8 lbs of boost mounted on a specially made intake manifold to fit the LS-Based F-Body Camaro. The supercharger system utilizes a 90mm throttle body and spacers to lower the K member for hood clearance, an SS hood or Ram Air Hood must also be used. We also installed an MTI Racing custom grind camshaft with matching valve springs to make some more power. To top everything off we installed a set of Stainless Works headers to make sure the F-Body Beast can breath properly. This F-Body now has 473hp and 445ftlbs of torque at the rear tire. With that kind of power you will definitely have some drop top fun.

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