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Originally Posted by Q'smuscle View Post
why does GM do this ? first no bumble bee color .now no flat white color even though it looks like it's not just white it looks like a flat Pearl white . GM could make a profit off those
I'm no GM insider and don't wish to contradict Scott by any means. But just how business works is that overall it would cost so much for Chevy to paint a car for you like this, and then they have to add in profit otherwise resources are getting used in a way not best for the company, you would not want to pay it.

If you really want it, best thing you can do is contact a local high quality custom paint shop and get a quote. It's going to be expensive.

There are a couple of "further more"'s to it. They make a concept or show car, fine, but then they have to get that process down to where they can efficiently make 100,000 of them and what more it has to be a product that a lot of people will buy, not just a few.
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