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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
#1, those are estimated numbers. And you always estimate low, so as not to raise and then dash the hopes of a customer. If I were to bet, I'd place money on 27mpg...not that it would make a difference above 26.

#2, this car also has 300hp with those 26/27 mpg. In 2002, you had to settle for 200hp.

There isn't a noticeable difference between 27 and 29. you might be talking a couple hundred dollars a year......
The method that the EPA uses now to arrive at MPG figures is significantly different from when the last F-bod was tested for fuel mileage in '02.
I think that real-world numbers will compare more than favorably with the last 4th Gen cars once people have a chance to drive them and do their calculations.
I guess the guy who wrote the content for Ed's teleprompter decided 2009 was the ticket!

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