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Originally Posted by jleinaweaver View Post
maybe a better question is, "is the V8 too powerful". Unless you are going on a track the extra power is pretty much useless for day to day driving and cruising.

the quarter mile time is useless as you can't legally go that fast on public roads, and if caught, 100 mph fines are pretty steep - you'll probably have a mandatory visit to the judge. The 0 to 60 second time is negligible when you factor in the human factor and having to watch cars in front, cars on your side (if merging on a highway), etc.

If you goal is to get your head snapped back harder, want deeper noise, get the v8. If you marvel engineering, look at the V6. It gets more power per liter, handles every bit as good as the V8, maybe a little better in steering. It does this without the more pricey brembos, premium fuel, more expensive oil, and better mileage. The V6 is a look at the future, the V8 will soon be the past.

I Couldn't have stated it better. But then again, I'm all about technology.

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