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Originally Posted by McSleepyx9 View Post
Alright thanks man!

The dealer im buying my camaro from just sent me the pics of a 2011 camaro he found and it looks exactly how your was when you first bough it! Still dont know the price on it though and the model (prob 1LT due to the rims) , but im so excited to finally get my camaro and eventually make it similar to urs (urs is like my future dream car) hehe im only 18 also so the cheaper the better. But thanks for the info man!!
Nice, man!! Good luck with your car!

Yeah these wheels are definitely on the cheaper side compared to a lot of the wheels for the 5th gen, plus I think they look great so that makes for a great buy.

Let me know if you have any other questions on making your car your own! I'd be glad to help.
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