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took gf to lunch and parked out of the way. came back and there was a 2lt/rs right next to me. was IOM and my gf said, thats the color you wanted.. i was like.. ya.. tell me you dont like that!?!?!?! she was like, ya its ok. if you had the black hood and stuff.. i was like.. noooo!!

i do love my summit white thought. looks.. sexy. now if i could get the car to make me dinner.. hmmm..
"The fact the GT500 can barely beat a $37k car with 200 less horsepower speaks volumes. There are about a million mods you can do to a LS3 to make a Camaro do the 1/4 faster then a GT500." (Vroom.)

Updated w/ Willow Springs:
1. Nissan GTR Track Pack 1:19.6 2. Ducati 1198 S 1:19.7 3. Nissan GTR 1:20.3 4. Corvette Z06 1:20.4
5. Audi R8 V10 Plus 1:22.0 6. Ferrari 458 Italia 1:22.3
7. CAMARO SS 1LE 1:22.7
8. Shelby GT 500 1:23.5
9. Mustang Gt Track Pack 1:25.8
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