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Ok, so the DDX9705s is on order, will be picking it up from best buy on Saturday (they match crutchfield price and I got points). I have 2 camera's picked out, on amazon. They are most definitely chinese made, but they have good reviews, not about to spend $150+ for a camera.

Now as far as the idatalink dash kit goes, I am waiting for fivestar to make the install video but am getting restless. I know that it does not include an antenna adapter, and their animated video on youtube states to use the Metra 40EU10.

The problem is that the 40EU10, according to Metra site, is not for the camaro, but the 40EU55 is, because the 40EU10 is not amplified and the 40EU55 is amplified. Asking ADS, they are not sure which one I need.

So, to the camaro community, that ave done radio swaps, do I need an amplified antenna adapter or no? If yes, does it get wired to the blue amplifier turn on wire?
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