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Originally Posted by Total_Perf_Eng View Post
We started with the canned tune, and went from there. When we dialed the fuel in for a little more safety, we decided to play with the WOT timing. So when we started to see knock, we backed it down 2*.

Yes, the car made 570+ on the canned tune. Well, I had played with part throttle MAF settings. But it was nowhere near WOT.

Yes, I do. We dont reccomend shorties AT ALL.. They are a complete waste of money on these cars. The stock manifolds flow WAYYYYY to well. You cant really see the headers. Especially when you've got the big blower sitting on the top.
Imagine this: You see Jennifer Aniston, with a low cut wet t-shirt on. Would you notice her white teeth?? Or would your eyes be pre-occupied?

Be looking out for Super Chevy in the coming months. You will see a few things out of our shop in there.
OH - so you fattened the OEM tune more, and added just enough timing to safely run on 89? Do you think tuning for a 91 minimum would yield any significant improvement over the 89 tune you just completed then? OH - were you guys running an open element filter, or the CARB-style set-up I noticed in the article? Can you comment on how KB looks at custom tunes from one of their dealers? For example, if I were to ask you to custom tune my car, would there be a warranty problem on KB's side? I'm concerned with trying to maintain any warranty that KB has for the kit - that's why I ask.

I guess going with your KB, no one's going to really see that driver's side header, are they, lol. I guess a big ole' lung on top of the engine would be sweet enough for my teeth. I was looking at shorties (because of CARB crap) for a little more aggressive exhaust tone, too, but think I've found Heaven in a recently released system; CBs are easier to install, too, lol.

Aniston has teeth?...

Sorry - one last question: Do you know if KB is going to try to get CARB-exemption on the 3.6, too? I don't know that that'd be really beneficial to my case, since I'd probably only be looking at running less than 10 psi on an OEM LS3 anyways; for now, lol.

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