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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
I bet the ARK N2 would compliment the SOLO HFC's very well. Great throaty sound, minimal drone. You'd have a car with a nice power upgrade and it would sound like freakin awesome.
Well you said it twice in this thread, now you've piqued my interest.

Indeed I currently have the Ark N2 system, which itself contains no resonators and sounds awesome, though with a small dose of drone around 2k. I think a pair of HFCs with resonators on them would be awesome.

So I would expect a touch more flow/hp, possibly louder, but resonated? Would the added resonators of the Solo HFCs tone down the existing drone I have or are they there to just make sure the addition of HFCs doesn't make the car sound any worse (not that I think it sounds bad at all, which I don't)?

$700 is a bit steep but worthy of a save-up goal. I bought my N2 system used from a club member trading up for an SS so I didn't take the full price hit there.
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