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Originally Posted by Msmall143 View Post
I'd love some advise. I'd like to lower my 1le for looks, but will only do so if I can improve or maintain stock performance. This is my daily driver which I don't take to a track (yet). Basically I won't sacrifice looks for performance, but if I can have looks and performance it's an option

I was originally only going to buy some lowering springs but I felt I was undoing the work chevy put into the 1le.

What would you suggest.....

Also, I'll be putting some all seasons on for the winter, but tire size will stay the same
The money is in Sub-frame bushes, Radius and a 32mm Z bar. Take the air out of the rear with 220035s, but leave the front alone.

Originally Posted by right to travel View Post
I am very torn between pedders and pfadt. And its for dumb reasons too. I like the pedders red and not a fan of the pfadt orange. yeah i know its under the car but im slightly retarded like that lol. The price difference is not an issue per say it just means i will buy less at a time with one vs the other. Then there is the fact that i wanted to do and "SSXish" replica and that car has everything pfdat makes.
Thee SSX is the coolest looking car t never run a hot lap on a track. Not a single lap. Then there are the Pedders USA prepared Camaros which have never finished behind any other Modern Muscle car.
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