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Originally Posted by shl4Z28 View Post
Is it me or does the cake make it look like Bumblebee has an enormous Wang shaped like the hood of a 5th Gen?
Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
I love how Bumble Bee has the new front Fascia, like in TF2 but the Car version has a standard SS front end like in TF1 hahaaa. And the mail slot is all wrong...

Everyone's a critic!! LOL
Originally Posted by nUcLeArEnVoY View Post
Loving that cake, hating that spoiler on Bumblebee. 'Effin kids and their... freakin' love for everything ostentatious and over-the-top. >/ DON'T THEY KNOW TRANSFORMERS IS FOR THE CAMARO FANS!?
Originally Posted by jshaf View Post
way too many spokes in the wheels and the light and grill section looks like a plymouth compact car from a couple years ago. but I would still eat it :o)

Look at ya'll!!! LOL Come on now it's a cake. It's not the actual car.

I swear you gotta love the C5 members here.
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