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Clunking/clattering noise when pressing clutch - INFO HERE

So I just got back from visiting my parents. My dad is the service manager at a Chevy dealer (and ASE certified master mechanic) and so while I was there, we decided to check out this noise I've been having on my car since day one when I drove it off the lot with 7 miles on the odometer.

First, a description of the noise: Basically, when I push the clutch in, there is a clunking type of noise that comes from underneath the car. You can also feel a very slight vibration in the shifter. It's basically the same thing as described in this thread:

Anyway, we put the car up on a lift with me in it and I pumped the clutch. The noise is coming from the bellhousing area but neither my dad nor another tech could really identify what it was.

We called GM to see what they thought and they said that there were 5 (now 6 counting mine) issues open with this. In 4 of the cases, the noise was determined to be normal and in the 5th case, they replaced the clutch and all the associated parts and the noise remained.

After hearing that, we went up to the showroom and fired up a brand new 11 SS/LS3 to see what it sounded like. Sure enough, on my first clutch press, the noise was there.

So I'm pretty satisfied that it is a normal noise. I just thought I'd post this for everyone else who might have been having this issue and was worried. I'm going to keep an eye on it but it seems like a normal LS3/TR6060 noise at this point. The alternative is to tear it apart and inspect the clutch and all the associated parts but... I'm not anxious to do that.

Hope this helps.
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