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LFX is not the average V6
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Originally Posted by NoWRX View Post
I'm just curious, did you drive an auto V6 Mustang?

The '11+ V6 autos are dogs with the 2.73 axle ratio. To compare one of those to a V6 Camaro is probably a bit lopsided.
it was a stick. the only options that had been added to it had been the 3.31 ratio rear end and floor mats. my camaro is 100% base model with only the floor mats added. by comparison, my camaro has the 3.27 ratio rear end, so if anything, the mustang would have a slight advantage in gearing.

a little off topic:
a came across a dodge challenger earlier today when i was at the hobby shop and was challenged to a race after he found out i drive a v6. his car was a v6 with CAI and some sort of exhaust upgrade. my car is bone stock.

he led me to a secluded, private road (or at least he told me it was private) and we had a mini drag race. the road wasn't very long, so i only got up to about 75mph, but i beat him by a couple car-lengths. i'm pretty sure he drove an auto, but my shifts weren't exactly perfect either.

considering the challenger has 304hp stock and is heavier than even the camaro (about 4000lbs), i was pretty confident i would win, but turned down his offer to place a bet in case he had more mods than he claimed, but it was fun and we both admired each others' cars. i am a fan of the challengers as well, but not as much as our beautiful chevy machines.
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