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Originally Posted by SimpleGreen View Post
I test drove a 2012 Ford Mustang before I bought my Camaro. It was the MCA Edition with the billet grille, 19" wheels, etc. It was loaded with leather seats, connectivity package, ambient lighting, etc. It was a 6 speed manual car.

Personally, I like the looks of a Mustang. It was a great looking car...Performance White w/ gun metal wheels. The interior was no worse than my Camaro. Looked/felt fine with really nice seats. If anything I appreciated the fact that Ford put a real shift knob in it with the shift pattern wrote on top as opposed to that nasty plastic lump Chevrolet stacked on theirs.

It was comfy, drove well, though the steering felt kind of funny because it was electric assist. The trans shifted OK. It was closer to rowing a shovel through a wheelbarrow full of gravel than anything. I did like that it felt smaller than the Camaro and I had a better view all around me.

Came home and did research. Between the manual trans problems (and the autos being dogs) and the oddball engine ticks, electric steering assist, etc I passed on the deal. I felt more at home in the Camaro. I always had Chevrolets. I also liked its more unique interior and exterior. A week later I bought my 2012 1LT Camaro. And I LOVE it. I'm also happy to have less gizmos to break in my Camaro which has less options.

However, I'm not going to go out of my way bad mouthing Mustangs or Challengers. I love them all and enjoy seeing them on the road. I think we are all part of a bigger 'club'.
i'm not bad-mouthing the mustang. i actually love the 2011+ mustang GTs and those new 5.0 engines that go in them. i just prefer the driving style, looks, and feel of the camaro. i have not driven an SS, but there's a reason for that. i can't afford it and i didn't want to disappoint myself getting back into a V6. when i mentioned that dodge challenger in the other post, i even mentioned that i was admiring it. i do not feel the need to dog the others to make me feel better about my car. in the mustang's case, i just pointed out what i noticed about the car. I actually prefer the Ford brand name over anything GM, but chevy really did well on the camaro. it was the looks that had me; everything else is bonus.

as far as mustangs go, i like the GTs, and don't care for the v6 at all. Chevy did a lot better with their 2012 V6 (can't compare the 2010-2011, cuz i haven't driven them). well, that last part isn't entirely true. i test drove a 2011 V6 last year, but the salesman was a very uptight older gentleman and told me ahead of time that i would not be "testing the power".
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