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Originally Posted by montej23 View Post
Wow that looks better and i like the idea, im a little afraid to use a electic buffer on it cause i had a 95 firebird that i tried a electric buffer on and it took off paint. So i really am not good or know how to use a electric buffer to make it look like yours.
Well, the Porter Cable 7424xp is a random orbital and not a rotary (which can be significantly more dangerous to use). The porter cable is by far the most widely used machine for detailing. I've set people up w/ the PC who have had the same concerns as you and they were able to achieve their desired results. I have no problem walking you through the steps necessary to do the job. You can even start out w/ just waxing the car using the machine in order to get a feel for it if that makes you more comfortable. There are plenty of pads that are super soft which would pose no danger to your paint.
Anyway, let me know what you think. Feel free to call me as well if thats easier for you. 908-451-6431.
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