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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Never sounds as good as in person does it? lol...but I gave it a listen. Has a nice tone and you can hear some throatiness (not really a word!) in there.

Not real aggressive, but then again neither is my exhaust and I like mine. I'm just looking for a bit more rumble in mine, but not sure which way I want to go about it (assuming I don't just go ahead and get headers of course lol)

Thanks for sharing.
Lol... It never sounds like it does in person for sure! We'd need professional recording equipment to capture the lower tones and get closer to real life sound. Then there's playback... I won't go there. Lol. I wish it had a little more growl but our v6's just don't pull through. I will post take-off and pass-by videos soon.
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