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I did not own a 69 Camaro, but I did have a 69 Firebird 400 for a long time. Just seeing the new Camaro's interior gave me goose bumps because it definitely reminds me of my old car. My car had the deluxe interior and those door panels look similar. The steering wheel and the DASH pod looks the same. I am a little in shock that they went to that extreme to copy the original layout. I have never seen that until now.

Sorry to say this, but when people who actually owned a 69 see an interior like that, they might get emotional about that. This car really can lift GM off the ground because I wasn't really planning to buy a Camaro, but now that I see that the interior feels like "time travelling", I am afraid I am going to have to get one. I will only get a convertible though. Might as well. This is scary. If that car is done right, Camaro is going to be just as much a bread and butter Vehicle as their trucks.

I will take (1) PALE YELLOW Camaro if they made it, with black interior. same exact color as my 69 firebird 400/4-speed I had. For reference, this color almost looks white, but it's not.
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