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Strange S-60 w/ DSS Carbon Shaft & Level 5 Axles Install & Testing...

As some of you already know, Strange has come up with a new IRS housing for our Fifth Gen Camaro's that is a direct bolt-in unit, including differential poly bushings. Gear choices are basically all Dana 60 gears, starting at 3.54 and will come pre-assembled by Strange using their S-Trac, Truetrac, or Detroit Locker differential carriers.

Driveshaft Shop will be providing axles, and driveshafts for these units. If anyone with a 9" IRS wants to change over to the 60 housing, the axles should be a direct swap for this unit, the driveshaft works out to be about 2.5" shorter than the 9" so you can have your current aluminum one cut down & re-balanced for the application. This unit has the optioned chromemoly yoke.

I will have further information soon, including street & track testing on our in-house shop car.
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