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I had the gas filler behind the back was no fun. Not on this Camaro...not for me. Leave it where it is, please. Yes, I know the masses will have problems doing something as simple as filling a gas tank and not spilling anything. Hopefully, GM will do it anyway and provide a handout (piece of paper) explaining how to properly fill the gas tank. You could go so far as to explain this as a non-warranty related issue...kinda like the tires. Then, when people jack up the paint, which they will, GM can say sorry....your loss.

And...if they don't cut out those vents, I'll probably see about giving it a go myself. The only thing is doing the finishing touches to make it look right. I'd rather have some inserts to put in there after cutting out the metal, sealing it properly so it doesn't rust....and then pop in a custom made insert to keep it looking clean... Then again, the insert itself would probably take away from the look.
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