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I got a new best Friday night.
Tires used on the pass: Nitto 05R's, 275/40/17's
Performance Mods (if any): K&N CAI, v8 Cherry Bomb catback, BBK longtubes/high flow cats, Trifecta tune
Transmission: Manual
Category submitted for: With Mods
R/T.......... .0946
60'............. 2.0594
330'........... 5.8685
660'.......... 9.0150
660’ mph... 78.44mph

Name of the track: Temple Academy/Little River Dragway
Date of pass: 11/19/2010
Weather conditions 55*, clear, DA of +163ft
It was our last open track day until February. You guys up north with your 40* weather have it better than you know. We're still seeing mid to upper 70's as our highs.
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