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new hptuners custom O/S

latest hptuners software has an upgrade-able 2.5bar operating system for the LS3,L99, now you can have an actuall VE table and cooling fan control below 192*f

- 2.5 bar (255 kPa) max MAP sensor support (calibration capability for GM 0-5V linear MAP sensors)
- Rescaled MAF High Freq table supports up to 15400 Hz with 300 Hz resolution, also supports airflow up to 1024 g/sec
- New VE tables with 33 x 33 cell resolution each and configurable MAP and RPM axes (choose your own resolution)
- Charge Temperature based VE multiplier table, configurable axis
- TPS based VE multiplier table, 33 x 17 cells with configurable TPS and RPM axes
- MAP referenced Boost Enrich table
- Boost Enrich MAP threshold and hysteresis value
- Both MAF and Speed Density mode supported
- Boost based fuel cut, selectable MAP threshold cuts fuel to all cylinders when exceeded
- Rescaled fan temperature axis 163-250F (73-121C), stock is 192-250F (89-121C)

you can use the 2.5 bar upgrade with the factory map sensor in N/A form since the ve/map table is fully adjustable, i just copied my vertual ve table from bluecat eq program to a junk ls2 file then copied and pasted that to my adjusted ve table, then used the interpolate function to fill in all the 0's because the 2.5bar table is 2 times as big as the ls2 style table
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