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V6 Challenger - We both agree the Camaro is faster

Hyundai's 2010 Genesis is faster - Agreed it is faster however the V6 version also starts at about $2,000 more than the 1LS Camaro.

350Z is faster - Not a fair comparison given that the 350Z sold at a base price of about $35k without options. For that price you could have an SS with mods that would destroy it. Oh and the 350Z isn't even sold anymore and the 370Z is even more expensive.

any infiniti V6 car is faster - The least expensive Infinity coupe is the G37 which starts at $36,000. Again for that price you could have a modded SS or a turbo charged V6 Camaro that would absolute annihilate it.

Altima coupe is faster too i guess - The Altima V6 coupe starts at $27,000 ($5k more than the Camaro). They both do 0-60 in about 6 seconds. The Altima does weight quite a bit less however it also has less horsepower at just 270. It's close here but i'd be willing to bet the Camaro wins, especially if you modded a 1LS to equal the V6 Altima price.

the new 2011 V6 mustang is faster - I think this really comes down to a drivers race for the most part. I have driven a 2011 V6 Mustang and felt the engine to be really lacking. With that said the Camaro is better looking, and feels like a much more expensive car. The V6 Mustang feels cheap. Keep in mind that the V6 Camaro came out last year and made a laughing stock of Ford which is why they had to redo their engines for 2011 which had not really been changed since like 2005. It would be foolish to think GM would redo the engine on a car that's only a year old.

The real funny thing is you are completely contradicting yourself. You are saying that it's stupid to compare the Camaro beating any V6 that isn't a 2011 but then you feel it is fair to compare it to the V6 in expensive luxury cars like Infiniti. All V6 engines are not created equal. The bottom line is that for a starting price of $22,000 the V6 Camaro is absolutely a fast car. No one ever claimed it was the fastest car on the market.

Btw if your anger stems from constantly being beaten in races....maybe you're just a crappy driver. Have a nice day

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