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Originally Posted by hightower View Post

Definitely subbing to this thread!

I especially want to see how the trailing arms and Vmax throttle body treat you, both install and performance wise. I've been thinking about both of those for a while. Trailing arms should help reduce wheel hop right?
The throttle body is one of those things I've always been skeptical of their performance claims.

Also, what color are you going for caliper paint? People told me to get my calipers powdercoated but it's $200 for that, no thanks, not now at least.
Wheel hop is wicked on these cars. Much worse than my 4th gen SS. I think it is probably because of the 20's and the extra weight. Doing just the trailing arms will help, but it will not eliminate wheel hop. That's why I am going for all the bushings, trailing arms and toe rods. I may go for the chassis brace and lower control arms in the future if this doesn't completely eliminate it.
The throttle body alone will gain some on an otherwise stock car. But with headers, a tune and CAI it makes a dramatic difference from everyone I have spoken with.
I am going with rustoleum red caliper paint and it is pretty close to the red on the stripe on the hood. It was cheap and I figured as I will have the calipers hanging in the back anyway, I might as well do them. If it doesn't look good, I can always go the cover route. There are some nice ones out there now.

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