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Originally Posted by sspolo View Post
No I haven't. I haven't even seen a 1LE in my area (cold weather, I think that's why). Although, in my case, I couldn't justify spending that amount of money if I do not go to the track.

As I said, I don't go to the track so I wouldn't be able to enjoy what the package is for. I live in a place where it's usually cold, and a Camaro being my DD, I would have to change the wheels. Also, I'm sure that a normal SS could pull better numbers with the wheels that the 1LE has. So having to remove the wheels would semi defeat the purpose of a track package.

I could turn in an intersection at 30mph or get off a curved freeway ramp at 60 mph to "push" the car and get my money's worth out of the track package, but I really try not to be a reckless driver.

So in my case, I would only choose to get the 1LE for the looks. Since it would only be for the looks, I would just get aftermarket cosmetic stuff and it would be a lot cheaper. Only downside would be getting called a poser here at camaro5.
im not sure if i read this wrong but are you sayin a normal ss could pull better numbers than a 1le if it had its wheels i agree with that but the only problem is the wheels cost more than the 3500 dollar package itself so it kinda defeats the purpose of not justifying spending 3500 dollars plus to make a normal ss look like a 1le would be way more than 3500 oem hood is around a grand aftermarket have it wrapped or painted mate black thats more money
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