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The most recent modification I have installed was an PCV oil catch can from Mike Norris Motorsport. I will not lie to anyone who is on the fence about buying one, you NEED an oil catch can. I just RECENTLY installed the catch can, and there is already oil inside the can from just a few miles of driving. Save oil build up in your intake system now, while you can catch it early. I will say that I am not 100% pleased with the Mike Norris Catch can. The design is solid, but :

1. They do not have any 2010 Camaro SS specific applications, so you will have to be creative in fabricating a mounting bracket

2. The catch can isnt the "largest", so therefore you will be checking it more often than say a RevX or Elite Engineering can.

The particular can I receieved had a small design flaw. The side outlet hole that was drilled, was uneven. So when I threaded the fitting into the can, it threaded fine, but since the hole is not a "perfect circle", there is very tiny air leak that can only be heard, not felt when the vehicle is running. Also, the drain valve at the bottom of the can is "leaking" oil, even though I have tightened it as tight as it will go.

I plan on ordering an Elite Engineering can within the next few days, so I guess you should believe people when they say "Do it right the first time". I do not have pictures of the can, but don't worry, just purchase an Elite Engineering can, and save yourself the headache.

Here are pictures of the mounting bracket I made though. I went to home depot, got an L bracket for 4 dollars, and drilled holes to slide the bolt and nut through. Then I attached it to the mounting bracket for the can, and attached the whole assembly
the to bolt that holds the radiator shroud/radiator together :

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